So do we. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have other questions please feel free contact me and book a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why Should I hire a Professional Organizer?
We all know "what we have to do," the challenge lies in who holds us accountable when we have to do it. Hiring a professional organizer is like hiring a coach; we provide accountability, present structure and technique all while being a catalyst for change because we have no emotional attachment to your things.
2Will you tell anyone about me?
Professional Organizers recognized by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) follow strict rules about how we engage with clients. Reference NAPO Ethics by clicking HERE.
3How long will the process take?
A lot of this depends on you and how quickly you can make decisions. In general, the time is determined by the following: size of the project; your ability to make decisions; your ability to do your "homework;” and time allotted to work each session with me.
4Do you clean?
No, the intention is to unclutter, then organize. As we organize, it is not unusual to have a client complete a simple dusting or sweeping. However, a deep clean will need the time of yourself or a cleaning service.
5Why can’t you just give me a sheet with your tips and tricks?
I do! Follow Unclutter Me on facebook, LinkedIn, and instagram for weekly social posts.
6What is a "15 Minute Basket?"
A 15 Minute Basket is a basket in your kitchen/breakfast bar area to contain all the objects that leave their "home" throughout the day. (books, sunglasses, hairbrush, kids stuff, bills, etc) 

At the end of each day, take 15 minutes and return each item to its original home. You will be amazed by how much clutter you can diminish that typically seems to multiply before the week is done.
7How do I get rid of my sensitive paper documents?
Always Shred. I recommend using a service versus a personal shredder. Typically, when I come into a home, I find a bag, or pile of paper NEXT TO the shredder. Protecting your privacy in regards to your personal data is essential.
8How much do you charge?
My hourly rate is $60.00 per hour in the Anchorage area, and $75.00 per hour in the Mat-Su Valley and Girdwood. The challenge is identifying how many hours it will take and the variables that need to be considered.


Professional Organizers also act as coaches to their clients, offering tips and instructing them in proper methods for organizing objects, data and time management. I love to be a part of a client’s journey to live simply. Choosing to keep only items that bring joy or functionality, and removing the unnecessary is cathartic and refreshing. To see a client choose to live with intentionality brings me joy as well.


I am far from perfect, as you begin to follow me on my blog and social media, I try to highlight my own challenges and quest for improvement at times. My goal for you is the following: Be intentional, Unclutter, then organize. Refresh. Renew. Live Simply.